Current university teaching

Global Gender Issues. WGST 2205. Women’s and Gender Studies, Mount Royal University.

Past university teaching

Special Topics in Health: 2SLGBTQI+ Sexuality, Gender, and Health. HLTC 47H3. Department of Health and Society, University of Toronto Scarborough.

Health, Aging and the Life Cycle. HLTC 223H. Department of Health and Society, University of Toronto Scarborough.

Introduction to Anthropology: Society, Culture, and Language. ANT A02. Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto Scarborough.

As a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto, I designed and delivered discussion-based tutorials and worked closely with undergraduate students. Courses included: Global Disability Studies; Anthropology of the Contemporary World; Medical Anthropology and Social Justice; Perspectives of Culture, Illness, and Healing; and Social Scientific Approaches to Sexuality.

Select collaborations

In 2019, I worked with Dr. Andrea Charise guiding a group of undergraduate students through a 4-week intensive digital intergenerational storytelling initiative. The Resemblage Project won the 2020 Digital Humanities Award for “Best Public Engagement”. Learn more here: https://resemblageproject.ca/

At Egale Canada, I worked with colleagues to transform our research into resources and learning opportunities for the general public. In 2022, Egale launched two open access e-modules for care providers focused on enhancing support for 2SLGBTQI people living with dementia. Learn more here: https://egale.ca/egale-in-action/2slgbtqi-dementia-care/