Research reports & briefs

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Academic articles & book chapters

Pang, C. (accepted). When Choosing Doesn’t Stick: Limits of Queer Kinship and Community in Old Age. For book volume Beyond Mutuality: Exploring the Negative Side of Kin Relations, editors Sandra Bamford and Kathryn Goldfarb.

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In the works

Pang, C. Situating Long-Term Care as Precarious Housing: Trajectories and Ways Forward.

Pang, C. & Mclennan, E. Reimagining Aging in Place: Housing Considerations Among LGBTQI Older Adults in Canada.

Pang, C. & Flanagan, A. She’s Not My Mother: Surfacing Cis-Heteronormativity in Questions of Recognition and Dementia.

Book reviews

Pang, C. (2022). Review of The Aging and Disability Nexus (Aubrecht, Kelly, and Rice, eds., 2020, Vancouver: UBC Press). Disability Studies Quarterly (DSQ).

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